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Everton 1-3 United: What We Learnt As United Evaporated Everton

 Olè 'Ugonna' Solskjaer somehow managed to save his job following a miraculous emphatic win against in-form Everton at Goodison Park. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the Everton demolition 1. TALES BY 'BRUNO-LIGHT' It was all about the Portuguese magician at Goodison Park. He took the Everton matter personally. He ended up launching Edinson Cavani's goal harvest & bazaar with the assist and saved Olè his job. Infact, Olè may need to give him his salary this week in gratitude. 2. THE MEN FOR THE JOB In recent weeks it the FRED-McTOMINAY collabo seems to be the 'koko' as we would say in Naija parlance. Their hardwork, duggedness and 'we no gree' attitude to the game was once again evident today.  They mopped the midfield of all Everton 'yama-yama' and didnt give them space and time to play their game. Fred is indeed red! 3. LUKE SHAW NEEDS COMPETITION. As we noticed with Brandon Williams arrival last season, whenever a strong com

Basaksehir 2-1 United: What We Learnt From The Fall At Istanbul

Manchester United picked up from the exact spot they left off against Arsenal, with another 'stew without salt' display against the weakest side of her UCL group. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this: 1. BONAZA! BONANZA! Manchester United seem to be doing bonanza and giveaways. Any body who needs a goal or a point gets it with United. Last week it was Aubameyang who had been seeking for the 'fruit of the goal-womb', tonight it was Basaksehir who had neither won a champions league match nor scored a goal before today. Guess who gave them their first of both?  2. FROM 4-4-2 TO 1-6-3 United started with a diamond 4-4-2, switched to a 4-1-3-2 and finally ended up with a 1-6-3 formation. Despite all of these, guess what? The play remained the same- aimless possession.  In Naija parlance we would say 'possession wey no get head or tail'.  3. THE DEFENSIVE ORGANISATION No comments. Again I repeat, no comments! IN THE END, no surprises as the season has conti

United 5-0 Leipzig: 5 Things We Learnt From The 5-goal Festival

 Manchester United put up a solid performance tonight at Old Trafford and deservedly blew away RB Leipzig with Dr Marcus Rashford MBE, scoring his first ever United hatrick. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this blow away: 1. WHAT A HATRICK COINCIDENCE United's 'whiz-kid' Marcus 'Rashidi-Yekini', came on as a second half substitute and scored a hatrick.  This was his first ever hatrick for United and he became only the second player ever in United's history to score a hatrick as a substitute......the first was OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER!!  2. HE MAKES IT LOOK EASY When Mason Greenwood scores, he makes it looks as easy as a Naija mallam adding onions to suya, or as easy as 'Detective Fasho...' finding a hidden camera!! Kudos to the young lad. In Naija parlance we would say 'e too get ball sense'. 3. FRED & THE TEN Fred has consistently shown why his name should probably be the first on every team sheet even before De Gea.  The ginger and e

United 0-0 Chelsea. 3 Things We Learnt From The Clash With '3'

As we say in Naija parlance, it was ' a draw-draw' against our 'bad bale' rival Chelsea at Old Trafford today.  In line with Chelsea's sponsor 'Three', here are three things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt today. 1. 'CUT-AND-NAIL' FIRST HALF The first half was drab and there was a complete lack of creativity. It was just a 'cut and nail' approach although this was not a surprise considering the line up. Just as in the French capital Paris on Tuesday, French midfielder Pogba came on in the second half and added style and creativity to the game. 2. GOALKEEPERS  For some unknown reasons, Premier league goalkeepers usually have their best games against United. Once goalkeepers see or hear Manchester United, even baskets will become brick walls!!  As we say in Naija parlance, 'Mendy was just showing himself, flying upandan' as if he was told he will not get salary this week if United scored. 3. WAN-BISSAKA 'BUS STOP' Today, it did not matter

Luton 0-3 United: 3 Things We Learnt As United Progressed In The Carabao Cup

Manchester United traveled to Luton town for the third round of the Carabao cup. It ended up as a routine win for Unted after struggles in the first half. Here are three things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt: 1. "JUST TRY YOUR BEST" It is getting clearer that these words are the summary of United's tactics of play now. For the second game in a row this season, it appears that Olè simply chose the players and told them:  'try your best, and you shall find favour in front of goal" tactical input!! Maybe we are still in pre-season. 2. LINGARD IS BACK! Jesse 'Awilo' Lingard is back to being in the good books of Olè. The beloved one somehow managed to play 90 minutes, while Mata(probably the best player on the pitch) was dropped in the second half. In Naija parlance we would say "wetin Lingard give Olè chop"? 3. BRUNO-RASHFORD-MASON The trio came into the second half and helped to seal the victory for United by combining excellently for the

United 1-3 Crystal Palace: 5 Things We Learnt From United's Opening Day Cry

"Ghen Ghen!", it has started- the 2020/21 season. Our dear Manchester United continued from the exact same spot they left off last season with a deserved Old Trafford defeat. Here are 5 things we learnt from this opening day loss: 1. HATRICK FOR LINDELOF Victor Lindelof earned his first career assist hatrick as he gave away two 'plates' of assists to Crystal palace and added a chilled bottle of penalty to wash it down. It was a day to forget for the Swede as Zaha and Ayew kept turning him like 'eba' throughout the game. 2. LIST OF NOISE MAKERS. Manchester United fielded some players and some 'legs'. It appeared that they were there to make the stadium noisy since it was empty and quiet. James(Chief of them all), Rashford, McTominay and Lindelof. How McTominay made it to the starting XI while Fred was on the bench was a mystery. 4. DONNY VAN DE BEEK The new Dutchman made an instant impact after replacing Pogba in the second half with a calm fin

United 1-2 Sevilla: 3 Things We Learnt At Another Semifinal 'Bus stop'

 Manchester United joined her sister Manchester club on the same flight out of Europe after suffering a déjà-vu defeat in the hands of Sevilla.  Here are 3 things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this crash out: 1. HOPING FOR A MIRACLE How Olè watched United struggle for 85 minutes without a head way before making the first substitution was shocking. It felt like he was hoping for a miracle!  Rashford had no business continuing into the second half and Ighalo had no business on the bench till the 93rd minute. No tactical change for 90 minutes!! Olè was a spectator tonight. 2. THE ROMERO NEMESIS. Sergio 'Odeshi' Romero has never disappointed United. Why Olè keeps dropping him at crucial stages of the cup competitions is baffling.  The same goalkeeper who has played an entire Europa league campaign up to the final and won it, was dropped for a semi-final. 'Maka' why??.  It appears that each time he is dropped, it backfires. As it was against Chelsea, so it happened against Sevi

United 2-1 LASK(Agg 7-1): 3 Things We Learnt As United Booked a Semifinal Spot.

Manchester United progressed into the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa league after beating LASK at Old Trafford, setting up a clash with FC Copenhagen.  Here a 3 things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the clash at Old Trafford: 1. MATA= FANTA + ALOMO BITTERS Juan 'Bankole' Mata had a good and bad game last night. Most times, he was the only player on the pitch who looked capable of creating something but his final balls were awful back to back especially in the first half. He however made up with the 2 assists for the 2 goals of the night.....fulfilling his name 'Bankole'.  2. FRUSTRATED IGHALO Our own Odion Ighalo was consistently frustrated last night by the Mata-Lingard-James trio playing behind him. Creativity was zero.  Their combination to create a goal was like a Naija man attempting to make eba with ice block and garri!! 3. THE WORST OF JAMES Daniel 'Osondu' James continued his decline in form and confidence against LASK. He was at his lowest ebb last night

Leicester 0-2 United: 5 Things We Learnt As United Secured A Champions League Spot

'Las las', as we say in Naija, Manchester United qualified for the UEFA champions league by coming third in the league despite being 15 points behind in January. Here are 5 things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this victory: 1. LUKE 'AJEBOTA' SHAW HAS BEEN MISSED. Luke Shaw's absence has surprisingly caused a huge imbalance to the team. Brandon William's has struggled and Rashford's poor form has become even more obvious. Today as  in the last two games, United's left side was completely 'paralysed'. 2. SOLID LINDELOF Our 'jollof' defender put up another solid performance today in the heart of the defence. He won 100% of his tackles and aerial duels and completed 80% of his passes. His crucial interceptions ensured Jamie Vardy did not do his usual scoring against United. 3. TIRED BRUNO Bruno 'Oliseh' Fernandes continued to show signs of fatigue. Today, it was obvious for the blind to see. The Portuguese magician wa

Leicester City vs Manchester United: EPL 'Last Fight' Preview

Following United's disappointing 1-1 draw against former manager, Oga 'Davido' Moyes, the Red Devils are set to take on the 'fast and furious' Leicester City for the 'last fight' of the EPL 2019/2020 campaign. Here's all you need to know about the clash MATCH INFO Date: Sunday 26 July 2020 Kick-off: 15.00 GMT (4pm Naija time) Venue: King Power Stadium Competition: English Premier League Referee: Martin Atkinson Previous PL Clashes: 27, Man Utd Wins = 18, Leicester City wins= 2, Draws= 7. Last time we met: A 1-0 Premier League victory at Old Trafford which saw Dr. Marcus 'Rashidi-Yekini' seal all three points with a well taken penalty.                  DID YOU KNOW? 1. A draw would be enough to cement United's place in the Champions League next season. (May Ole's army cement and paint their place with a win) 2. If Harry 'Okute' Maguire starts the game, he will be the first outfield p

United 1-1 West Ham: 3 Things We Learnt As United Slipped But Progressed

Manchester United failed to win for the third consecutive game as they continued the battle for a top-4 spot with West Ham United. Here are 3 things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the draw at Old Trafford: 1. 'KEKE-NA-PEP' GAME. The game tonight lacked bite and pace for most of it. Passes were often casual, runs were lacking and United didnt look hungry for the ball. Apart from the first few minutes of the first half and the last 10 minutes of the game, United played at a very fast 'keke-na-pep' speed. 2. PAUL 'DE GEA' POGBA. It seems Paul 'Ikenna' Pogba decided to teach David De Gea how to be a good goalkeeper today. He made a great save out of Noble's free-kick in the first half which resulted in the penalty and goal. Who knows, maybe he didnt trust De Gea enough to save it.  Though it seemed like he was trying to save his face from the shot, it was a costly move!! 3. YET ANOTHER 'BAZUKA' Our 'Shakiti-bo

Chelsea 3-1 United: 3 Matters Arising As United Saw Red In The Hands Of The Blues

Despite beating Chelsea three times previously this season, Lampard's boys had the last laugh as United were given an FA cup red card. Here are three matters arising from this FA cup exit. 1. 'MAKA' WHY? Sergio Romero, our 'power bank' goalkeeper has been the FA cup guy and has been fantastic. How and why Olè chose to drop him today is a mystery. Like a bad omen, De Gea had arguably his worst performance in a United shirt as he was 'chopping goals like akara'. All we can ask is "maka why?" 2. BUT WHY? An FA cup semi-final against Chelsea is not 'yam and beans'as we say in Naija parlance. Olè's experimental squad today was a shocker. Daniel 'Osondu' James has been poor. Did Olè suddenly expect him to become fantastic today? Why experiment with James in a crucial clash like this? He did not disappoint as he contributed nothing to the attack, not even his pace. Olè BUT WHY? 3. 'BECAUSE OF' WHY? If the p

Crystal Palace 0-2 United: Five(5) Things we Learnt as United Broke Crystal Palace

In their quest for a top four position, United invaded Crystal Palace and came out on top with a 2-0 win, thanks to FANTA-bulous goals from Marcus 'Rashidi-Yekini' and Anthony 'Ikechukwu' Martial. Here are five things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the clash. 1. DR. MARCUS 'RASHIDI-YEKINI' With United crying for a breakthrough in the match today, Marcus Rashidi-Yekini stepped up to the occasion and 'washed' his newly acquired honorary doctorate degree with a performance of class. Upon receiving the ball swiftly from Bruno 'Oliseh' Fernandes, Dr. 'Rashidi-Yekini' sent the defenders to go and buy Lacasera and gala, and the keeper to go and photocopy handouts before slotting the ball into the back of the net for the opener. He also added 'shaki' to his peppersoup performance with an assist for Martial's winner. #ManUtdNaijaFM's man of the match.👏🏾 2. TIRED BRUNO Despite the assist today for Rashford's goal, Bru

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United: Match Info and Gists

Following the 2-2 'gallop' in United's top four race encountered against Southampton, the Red Devils are set to continue their quest for a Champions League spot with a match against Crystal Palace on the cards. Here's all you need to know about the clash                    MATCH INFO Date: Thursday 16 July 2020 Kick-off: 19.15 GMT (8.15pm Naija time) Venue: Selhurst Park Competition: English Premier League Referee: Graham Scott Previous PL Clashes: 21, Man Utd Wins = 16, Crystal Palace wins= 1, Draws= 4. Last time we met: A Premier League clash at Old Trafford which saw the eagles condemn United to a 2-1 defeat; their first of the 2019/2020 campaign.                  DID YOU KNOW? 1. Crystal Palace's 2-1 win at Old Trafford in August ended a run of 22 top flight games against United without a win - they now seek to complete a first ever league double over the Red Devils. 2. United have won just one of their last five

United 2-2 Southampton: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

With Manchester United up against Southampton, Chelsea and Leicester in one night, it was no surprise that climbing to 3rd on the EPL table tonight was 'Mission impossible'. Here are three things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the heartbreak: 1. THE GOOD Martial and Rashford gave one of their finest performances as a pair tonight. Rashford who had been poor since return from injury played his best game today. Martial's hold up play and assist for Rashford's goal as well as his own 'bullet goal' were fantabulous. It was his 50th Premier league goal. Kudos to him. 2. THE BAD Paul 'Ikenna' Pogba started the game on a sloppy note and was responsible for the first goal. He made up for it though, being involved in the set up of both goals. He had to come off. Mason 'Bazuka' Greenwood was not given any space to load his 'bazuka' not to talk of shooting any shot! Southampton came for the young lad and locked him with a r

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