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Southampton 2-3 United: What We Learnt As United Changed Southampton's Super Story.

Manchester United paid a visit to St Mary's Stadium for a Sunday afternoon EPL fiasco. A superb Alex Ferguson-esque comeback ensured United had the last laugh.  Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this vintage Fergie time performance. 1. ....AND SUDDENLY, EDISON CAVANI! Southampton boys were smiling, 'feeling themselves' and cruising on a 2-0 lead. They even succeeded in giving De Gea a 'red card' with their wicked shots. They were sipping garri with milk and sugar. All was well for them until suddenly, Edison Edison Cavani stepped in with not just a bowl but a tipper of sand and poured into the garri. A superb assist and two beautiful poacher's goals were enough to change Southampton's super story! 2. AWAY! AWAY! AWAY! Indeed, United have had it all 'corn and pear' in the away games this season. With this victory, United have now for the first time in their history, won eight consecutive away league games and also scored two or more goals in

United 4-1 Basaksehir: What We Learnt As United Bashed Basaksehir

Manchester United paid back Isatanbul Basaksehir with a 'pepper dem' coin at Old Trafford with a 4-1 thrashing after a previously shocking away loss. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the UCL night at Old Trafford. 1. FATHER 'BRUNO' CHRISTMAS The Portuguese magician was at it again last night with another magnificent unselfish display. He let off another chance to score a hatrick by gifting  the penalty(which has become his United birthright) to Rashford, similar to what he did for Edison Cavani. He has been fantastic as an individual player and a team player. If only Ligard was still playing, maybe Bruno would have 'dashed' him a goal too to help his 'ministry' 2. DONNY VDB. The Dutch midfielder started with Fred in midfield and was a delight to watch. His touches were sleek and smooth. His one-two quick touches were on point and his passes were as sharp as 'suya knife' Overall he was a delight to watch and his collabo with Fred

Everton 1-3 United: What We Learnt As United Evaporated Everton

 Olè 'Ugonna' Solskjaer somehow managed to save his job following a miraculous emphatic win against in-form Everton at Goodison Park. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the Everton demolition 1. TALES BY 'BRUNO-LIGHT' It was all about the Portuguese magician at Goodison Park. He took the Everton matter personally. He ended up launching Edinson Cavani's goal harvest & bazaar with the assist and saved Olè his job. Infact, Olè may need to give him his salary this week in gratitude. 2. THE MEN FOR THE JOB In recent weeks it the FRED-McTOMINAY collabo seems to be the 'koko' as we would say in Naija parlance. Their hardwork, duggedness and 'we no gree' attitude to the game was once again evident today.  They mopped the midfield of all Everton 'yama-yama' and didnt give them space and time to play their game. Fred is indeed red! 3. LUKE SHAW NEEDS COMPETITION. As we noticed with Brandon Williams arrival last season, whenever a strong com

Basaksehir 2-1 United: What We Learnt From The Fall At Istanbul

Manchester United picked up from the exact spot they left off against Arsenal, with another 'stew without salt' display against the weakest side of her UCL group. Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this: 1. BONAZA! BONANZA! Manchester United seem to be doing bonanza and giveaways. Any body who needs a goal or a point gets it with United. Last week it was Aubameyang who had been seeking for the 'fruit of the goal-womb', tonight it was Basaksehir who had neither won a champions league match nor scored a goal before today. Guess who gave them their first of both?  2. FROM 4-4-2 TO 1-6-3 United started with a diamond 4-4-2, switched to a 4-1-3-2 and finally ended up with a 1-6-3 formation. Despite all of these, guess what? The play remained the same- aimless possession.  In Naija parlance we would say 'possession wey no get head or tail'.  3. THE DEFENSIVE ORGANISATION No comments. Again I repeat, no comments! IN THE END, no surprises as the season has conti

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