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United 1-2 Sevilla: 3 Things We Learnt At Another Semifinal 'Bus stop'

 Manchester United joined her sister Manchester club on the same flight out of Europe after suffering a déjà-vu defeat in the hands of Sevilla. 

Here are 3 things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this crash out:


How Olè watched United struggle for 85 minutes without a head way before making the first substitution was shocking. It felt like he was hoping for a miracle! 

Rashford had no business continuing into the second half and Ighalo had no business on the bench till the 93rd minute. No tactical change for 90 minutes!! Olè was a spectator tonight.


Sergio 'Odeshi' Romero has never disappointed United. Why Olè keeps dropping him at crucial stages of the cup competitions is baffling. 

The same goalkeeper who has played an entire Europa league campaign up to the final and won it, was dropped for a semi-final. 'Maka' why??. 

It appears that each time he is dropped, it backfires. As it was against Chelsea, so it happened against Sevilla. 


Olè and his boys have now crashed of their third consecutive semifinal this season- the league cup vs Man City, the FA cup vs Chelsea and the Europa league vs Sevilla. 

Why do we keep 'coming down at that bus stop'? The delay and eventual substitutions today have given the answer. Olè seems to go blank and make poor decisions on the big stage. 

IN THE END, Olè used his own mouth to say 'owa' to the bus carrying United to the Europa league final. End of the season story.

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