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Huddersfield 1-1 United: 5 Things We Learnt As United Closed Champions League Case

Manchester United finally sealed their fate of losing out on a top-four spot in the English Premier League after  playing a 1-1 draw with relegation-bound Huddersfield. It was the last away game of the season and here are five things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from the painful exit. 1. NO MORE MATHEMATICS With this draw today, it has become official that United will play in the Europa league next season. No more calculating things like "If Arsenal plays a draw and Chelsea loses while Tottenham loses by seven goals, we will make top-4". We are out of the race and we can all go to sleep. 2. WELL DESERVED Of the top-four contestants, United had the best final two games. We couldn't have had it better as we had two relegated teams to play against. But we couldn't cross a simple Huddersfield hurdle. The exit from the top-four race was well deserved. United's board need to decide what to do with the club next season. 3 BONAZA! BONANZA!! BONANZA With a

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