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Chelsea 3-1 United: 3 Matters Arising As United Saw Red In The Hands Of The Blues

Despite beating Chelsea three times previously this season, Lampard's boys had the last laugh as United were given an FA cup red card.

Here are three matters arising from this FA cup exit.

1. 'MAKA' WHY?
Sergio Romero, our 'power bank' goalkeeper has been the FA cup guy and has been fantastic. How and why Olè chose to drop him today is a mystery.

Like a bad omen, De Gea had arguably his worst performance in a United shirt as he was 'chopping goals like akara'. All we can ask is "maka why?"

An FA cup semi-final against Chelsea is not 'yam and beans'as we say in Naija parlance. Olè's experimental squad today was a shocker.

Daniel 'Osondu' James has been poor. Did Olè suddenly expect him to become fantastic today? Why experiment with James in a crucial clash like this? He did not disappoint as he contributed nothing to the attack, not even his pace. Olè BUT WHY?

If the plan was to start with  a 'semi-second' team, Odion Ighalo, who is United's current highest goal scorer in the FA cup had no business on the bench.

Just like Romero, he deserved a chance in the starting line up. Unsuprisingly, starting upfront with struggling James and a Rashford who has only just picked up, the attack was as sharp as a rusty matchet!

IN THE END, it was a defensive disaster tonight with Bailey nodding everybody except the ball, Brandon Williams giving an assist for the second goal, Maguire scoring an own goal and De Gea conceding two '50 kobo' goals!!

That aside, Olè got it all wrong today!

On a scale of 1-10, rate United's performance today. Let's have your thoughts.

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