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Basaksehir 2-1 United: What We Learnt From The Fall At Istanbul

Manchester United picked up from the exact spot they left off against Arsenal, with another 'stew without salt' display against the weakest side of her UCL group.

Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this:

Manchester United seem to be doing bonanza and giveaways. Any body who needs a goal or a point gets it with United.

Last week it was Aubameyang who had been seeking for the 'fruit of the goal-womb', tonight it was Basaksehir who had neither won a champions league match nor scored a goal before today.

Guess who gave them their first of both? 

2. FROM 4-4-2 TO 1-6-3
United started with a diamond 4-4-2, switched to a 4-1-3-2 and finally ended up with a 1-6-3 formation. Despite all of these, guess what? The play remained the same- aimless possession. 
In Naija parlance we would say 'possession wey no get head or tail'. 

No comments. Again I repeat, no comments!

IN THE END, no surprises as the season has continued exactly as predicted. 

Next up, Everton. We may have to try 0-2-9 formation, with De Gea in midfield and pray for favour(our current tactics). Who knows, it might do the trick!

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