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United 0-2 Burnley: 2 Matters Arising From the Burnley Disaster at Old Trafford

Manchester United continued to hold on her new year resolution not to be in the top four of the EPL table by offering another three points 'awoof'  to Burnley.

Here are the matters arising from the woeful loss at Old Trafford:

It is so easy to beat United now. All you need to do is go on Google and type "how to beat Manchester United" and you'll see this:
- Stay compact behind,
- Keep a low defence line so they have no space to do their 100m running
- Don't do 'gra-gra'
- Wait for them to pass the ball around, confused.
- At the height of their confusion, hit them on the counter
- Remain compact and be a 'patient dog'
- If you are patient enough, they will bring in Lingard
- And before you say 'Eze goes to school' you will score another goal and eat the 'fattest bone'(3 points)

.....And guess what? Burnley downloaded it!!

In less than one year, United have sold/loaned out Herrera, Fellaini, Smalling, Alexis, Lukaku and most recently, Ashley Young- most in the starting XI. No replacement. The team has been stretched thin.

United were 2-0 down and needed goals. All Olè had on his bench to bring in were Lingard and Luke Shaw!! Lingard and Luke Shaw!!!!!

We need prayers and players. If United is broke, they can adopt Naija style- go to 'bend down select' and pick players!!

FINALLY, #ManUtdNaijaFM will like to apologize for the very late post-match update. We needed at least 24 hours to recover from the shock and we did not learn anything....just matters arising.

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