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Liverpool 2-0 United: 5 Things We Learnt As Liverpool Remained Unbeaten

Manchester United paid a visit to Anfield to play "try ya luck", attempting to end their unbeaten run. Not only did the attempt fail, United finally allowed Mo Salah to score his first ever goal against them.

Here's what #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this loss:

United may have lost, but one man deserves accolades today- Fred. He's been having a great season, but today, he was exceptional.

He wore his full  Samba attire to Anfield, and gave a good account of his Brazilian heritage. Unfortunately, United had nothing to show for it....Sad.

This season, Liverpool have treated teams like plantain. They ate some raw, used some to fry 'dodo', used some for 'kpekere', some bolè, some amala, others they just boiled.

We are not sure what they used United for today, but we made a decent attempt against a team in the form of their lives. United had some good spells in the game and missed some very good chances too. We were not crushed.

With Juan 'Bankole' Mata having played excellently in the last two games, one would have thought he would be given a nod to start today. 

Olè surprisingly chose Pereira in the No10 role, who was largely disappointing. Well, we thank God he didn't pick Lingard, it could have been worse!!

United's 'Isakaba' full back had one of his worst performances in a United shirt today. With Olè opting for a 3-5-2 formation, AWB was given a wing back role instead of his traditional full back role.

This exposed his weakness which is going forward. He may be the best tackler in the league, but he has to improve his attacking abilities. He struggled like never before.

With the weekend loses and draws of Leicester, 'bad-bele' rivals Chelsea, City and Tottenham, United's loss meant absolutely nothing in terms of the league standings.

So despite the loss, as we would say in Naija, "nothing spoil. We sidon gidigba for 5th position".

FINALLY,  all those asking United to end Liverpool's unbeaten run can go and try their own luck. We have tried and failed.
To add insult to injury, we have lost Marcus Rashford to injury, as he may be out for up to 2-3 year months .
UP NEXT, Burnley!

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