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Arsenal 2-0 United: 5 Things We Learnt From The New Year Day Loss

Manchester ended last decade with a clean sheet but started the new decade with an 'empty sheet' as they had no reply to Arsenal's two first half goals.

Here are five things #ManUtdNaijaFM learnt from this new year loss

1. IS IT 'JAZ'?
How and why a No10 who was not involved in any goal, either by purpose or mistake throughout 2019 was chosen to start ahead of Pereira in 2020 is simply unbelievable.

Has Olè been charmed by Jesse 'Awilo' Lingard? In Naija we would say 'abi na jaz?' Unfortunately, he didn't disappoint any fan today as he once again contributed nothing.

Lingard aside, United's overall first half display was the worst ever in a long time. The tempo of play was a fast as the popular Naija 'keke-na-pep'(tricycle).

There was zero urgency. United made Arsenal who have been in their worst form, look like Barcelona. Pepe who has been low on confidence came alive today and even had the boldness to attempt leg overs!!!

United came back re-energized in the second half. With the removal of our 'Jonah'(Lingard), the team became even better and we brought out the 'Enyimba' in Arsenal.

Chances were created and there was pressure on Arsenal but alas, it was too late. The game had been lost in the first half.

The old midfield general was excellent today especially during United's second half resurgence. He assumed the role of 'Mr Creative' and created some good chances.

Kudos to Fred who also had a fantastic game pairing with him. They were United's best players today.

Since our 'whiz-kid', Marcus 'Rashidi-Yekini', scored a brace against Arsenal on his EPL debut, the Arsenal goal post has been locked against him.

Since then, he has played seven games against Arsenal in the EPL and has not found the net. The 'gods' of Arsenal are still angry that a small 18year old disgraced them on his debut.

IN THE END, the consistency 'palava' continues as United are yet to win three consecutive games since Olè's first six games in charge.

Who is to blame for this New year loss?

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