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United 0-2 City: 5 Matters Arising As Manchester Was Painted Blue

Manchester United's 'bloody April' continued with another humbling in the hands of title contenders Manchester city.

Here are five matters arising from this derby loss:

Since Ole signed his three-year contract, things have moved from bad to worse. Losses have become 'normal', teams are shining at our expense. The honeymoon period appears to have ended.

Only Chinua Achebe's novel title can describe the state of United now- "Things fall apart"!!

The two seasons in Naija seem to be at play at Manchester United now. In the goal scoring end, things have dried up completely like in the Harmattan period of the dry season. United's last goal from open play was April 2nd.

In the goal conceding end, it's been a heavy down pour. United have failed to keep a clean sheet in 12 games and have  conceded 12 goals in 5 games.

Lingard was given a nod to start, while Martial was on the bench. Lingard as usual offered just his pair of legs and even missed United's best chances of the night.

However, one thing is clear, he gives his all. He runs for 90 minutes, just that his quality as a player is poor. Martial is talented and is too quality but he  seems distracted, laid back and unserious. So, it's easy to understand Ole's headache when it comes to choosing between the two.

Lately, that's what Pogba seems to have turned United's games into. He is a gifted player, with a lots of swag, flips and tricks up his sleeve.

But there is time for everything. It's time to keep to keep those moves to a barest minimum and focus on the game. Watching him jog around the pitch and showing skills when we are losing is 'adding pepper to a wound'.

United's bench was rich last night with big names on it. However it was packed full with players who can't change the game when the chips are down.

The subs last night- Martial, Lukaku and Sanchez didnt make an impact (even though one may argue they cane in late). It may be time to bring in the academy boys to end the season.

IN THE END, Pep Gaurdiola made history last night by becoming the first coach ever to win three consecutive Premier league games at Old Trafford. Indeed, "Things have fallen apart".

Is it time to drop the "big boys" and damn the consequences for the last three games of the season?

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