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Manchester United hosted Reading for the 3rd round of the FA cup on Saturday evening. Despite a lacklustre performance, United ended the match with two unreplied goals courtesy of Romelu 'Timaya' Lukaku and Juan 'Bankole' Mata.

Reading dominated United for most of the game with more possession and more goal attempts.

Contrary to what Manchester United had become used to in recent times, the Manchester United caretaker boss, Ole 'Ugonna' Solskjaer, took the blame for the teams poor performance.

"It was always going to be difficult with my team selection," he said. "I made it hard for the players, to be fair, because it's a team that's never played together. Matteo played out of position as well, but I thought he was excellent.

"Reading made it really difficult for us. We never had a kick the first five minutes. They just kept possession and we weren't cohesive enough in the pressing. That happens when you don't have a team that plays together as much, and we didn't have time to work too much on it."

It was nice hearing a manager take some blame for the teams poor display rather than crucifying the players every single time. At this rate, he might just be the 'chosen one'.....but only time will tell. For now let the "Ministry keep moving jejely to the Permanent site".

Thankfully, despite Reading's 'gra-gra' and ginger, United went away with 2 goals and a clean sheet. That's what we describe in Naija as "Monkey de work, baboon de chop".


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