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FA Metes Out Punishment for Mourinho vs Chelsea Coach Combat

Chelsea's assistant coach Marco Ianni has been fined £6000 for his 'over-sabi' (exuberant) celebration of Ross Barkley's last minute equalizer for Chelsea two weeks ago.

The 'gori-makpa'(bald-headed) coach jumped in front of Mourinho in wild celebration after the goal and immediately almost got beaten by a furious Josè Mourinho.

He was lucky that stewards were quick to hold him back, otherwise, the football match would have been converted to a royal rumble!

Thankfully, despite Mourinho's reaction, the English FA ruled that the conduct of Coach Ianni was inappropriate and was therefore fined £6000!! 

We hope the coach has learnt a lesson and will learn to obey the popular Naija saying; "Dey your lane".


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