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Man Utd Naija FM's Tribute To Pa Zlatan 'Ekwueme' Ibrahimovic

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To a man who signed for United at 35 years in 2016, instead of quickly joining his mates Pa Pirlo, Pa David Villa et al in the council of football elders in MLS or China....

To a man whose first competitive  goal for United sealed victory in the Community Shield...

To our 'talk-na-do' striker who single-handedly won United the Carling Cup, with his two CHIVITA-stic goals in the 3-2 final win at Wembley....

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To a man who guided United to her first ever Europa League trophy with his 5 goals and 3 assists in 11 appearances....

To a man who became the oldest player in the history of the Premier League to score up to 15 goals in a single season(35years)....

To a man whose professionalism and lion-class confidence enabled him to break records like he was breaking kolanuts even at such age....

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To a man who refused the title of 'Prince of Manchester' to take on the mantle of 'god of Manchester'.

He came to the England, boasted and fulfilled his boast by notching 29 goals in a total of 53 appearances at the age of 35, earning him the title of 'Ekwueme'(Talk and do)*.

Watch: All Zlatan Ibrahimovic 28 goals for United.

To this man Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Man United Naija FM says Thank you, 'Dalu', 'Oshe', 'Nagode', 'Uruese', 'Soñ-soñ' 'TUALE'!

Thanks for honouring Manchester and England with your presence.

We wish him all the best in his proposed Major League Soccer adventure.

What will you miss the most about Zlatan? Let's have your thoughts.


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