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Happy new month to all United fans in Naija and beyond.

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We say 'kedu' to February with incomplete smiles, after Tottenham poured 'potor-potor' inside our garri with a 2-0 win on the final day of the month.

Prior to the defeat, United had been in cruise control of the month, with 12 unreplied goals scored in 5 matches in all competitions during the course of the month....However, we must march on!

United will 'cut the ribbon' of February with a revenge match at Old Trafford, against the team that handed us our first defeat of the season; Huddersfield town.

That will immediately be followed 'bumper - to-bumper' by 3 away games in 3 different competitions; Newcastle in the Premier League, a match against the winner of Birmingham and Huddersfield in the FA Cup, and the UEFA Champions League first leg clash against Sevilla in Spain.

José 'Uchenna' Mourinho and his team will then conclude February with a match against 'bad bele' rivals Chelsea at Old Trafford, where they will be looking to avenge the 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season...We hope we don't give Antonio Conte another reason to jump and dance 'Kolomental' on the touchline.

#ManUtdNaijaFM wishes the United squad all the best as they enter this crucial phase of the season.

Which game will be United's toughest test?
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