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HENRIKH 'NWOKEOMA' MHKITARYAN: The Good, the Bad and the Farewell

Before Henrikh 'Nwokeoma' Mhkitaryan officially kits up in an Arsenal Jersey, to begin his 'forced marriage' with Arsene 'Mugabe' Wenger, #ManUtdNaijaFM takes a quick look at his United career.

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The Armenian was signed from Dortmund in 2016, making him the first Armenian to play for Manchester United, and also in the Premier League.

The 'jollification' around his signing wasn't pronounced, due to his immediate long vacation to 'bench ministries' ordered by the boss, for deliverance from all the spirits of "ajebutter football" that followed him from the German Bundesliga.

He however marked his return to first team action with some stellar performances, his official arrival day marked by the 'shangalo' goal against Sunderland, which saw him renamed 'Magic Mhki' by United faithfuls.

The Armenian then went on to complete the rest of the season in style, ending the season as United's top scorer in the Europa League. To add 'groundnut' to the 'garri', the Armenian was also at the right place and right time to score another shangalo goal to seal United's 2-0 win in the Europa League final.

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After the first few games of the current 2017/2018 season, Magic Mhki was one of the major stars of the show for United, the 'Bobo oku', after his 5 assists saw him climb to the top of the assist charts after 5games.

All of a sudden oh, the 'magic' football of Mhki turned to 'Babalawo' football, with the Armenian failing to add a single assist in all competitions since those first 5 assists. His game became characterised by constant losses of possession, Smalling's passing ability, Bebe's crossing technique, Anderson's shooting, etc. This even had the boss complaining of the attacking midfielder activating 'ghost mode', like 'Willy-Willy' in United's  games.

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Unfortunately, the story had to come to an end. His Man United career is now a case of "tales by moonlight" but he will be fondly remembered for his efforts and passion he showed while representing the Red Devils.

#ManUtdNaijaFM wishes him all the best, with deep appreciation for all his services, especially the goals that sealed United's Champions league return from the Europa 'backyard door' League.

Farewell Henrikh 'Nwokeoma' Mhkitaryan.


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