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It was a beautiful Sunday Afternoon at Old Trafford. Manchester United hosted Everton and our ex-Captain and Legend Wayne Rooney.

The match kicked off with passes here and there and then in the fourth minute,  something happened.

It started as a harmless back pass from DJ Ashley Young to Nemanja "Agu" Matic who then matheMATICally played an innocent cross to the path of Antonio "Dede-One-Way" Valencia.

The cross was a slow one, infact, it was cat-walking. And then all of a sudden, 'GBOWAZA'!!!!!!!!!..... The ball was dancing 'One Corner' dance in the net.

Valencia has been known to wear his United jersey like a military officer, always tucked in from the first whistle to the last. Little wonder then that he fired the shot like a missile.

Some fans described the goal as a Rocket, some Banana shot, half volley, full volley etc. Others used their native dialects just to describe the wonderful goal.

ManUtdNaijaFM thinks it was a "Hosanna" goal and such goals are only scored on SUNDAYS.

That goal has won the English Premier League September goal of the month award and we say Congratulations and "Wehdone sa".

See you same time, Same Station at the end of the season when it wins the goal of the season award.....Stay Tuned to ManUtdNaijaFM.

Describe Valencia's goal in one word....Use your  Native language if possible.


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