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United's 2-0 victory in Stockholm was just the beginning of the story, despite all the benefits of lifting a much desired European trophy, and breaking into the UCL from the favoured 'backyard door'. The victory of the half paralympic team  at Stockholm saw United break a host of records...

1. United became the first non-Spanish side to win a major European trophy for 1,460 days!
Well, if any English team had to step up to end this world domination, it had to be United, with the last non-English team to win any of the major European trophies being Bayern Munich in 2013. The European 'national cake' has been shared only between Spanish sides since then.

2. Mr. Europa League made history!
By scoring in the final, Henrikh Nwokeoma Mhkhitaryan became the first player to score in 5 different European games away from home, in the same season for United. Mhki had a fantastic Europa league campaign, scoring six goals in total, and was voted into the Europa league team of the season. To add Maggi to the soup, he pulled the strike out of his 'Shangalo' drawer.

3. Antonio 'Dede one way' Valencia became the first Ecuadorian to win a UEFA tournament!
A perfect opening gift to reward the Ecuadorian for his consistent performances through out the season.

To add stew to his rice, United have just handed him a two year contract extension up to 2019, with an option of extending for a further year. Can someone call Jesse 'Awilo' Lingard to help me dance small 'Atilogu' for this?

4. 'Ichie' Wazza became one of the few players to win EVERYTHING at club level!

With the win in Stockholm, 'Ichie' Wazza Rooney finally got inducted into the council of football elders, who have won every single title on offer at club level. At least now he can beat his chest while drinking 'palmy', wherever he chooses to see out the remainder of his career. A befitting gift for a true United legend.

5. Zlatan 'Ekwueme' Ibrahimovic won his first major European trophy!
Despite conquering every league he has played 'Zlatanstically', the 'talk-na-do' striker had never lifted a European trophy until the final whistle was blown at Stockholm.
Manchester United has become the home for fantastic players from other clubs who feel unfulfilled in terms of trophies. We did it for Robin Van Persie, Michael Owen, now Zlatan 'Ekwueme' Ibrahimovic.

6. Jose 'Uchenna' Mourinho created a record!

He had already won the Champions League with both Porto (2004) and Inter Milan (2010).
Now, having added this season's Europa League to the UEFA Cup he won with Porto in 2003, he's the first manager to win the big two, TWICE.

7. United consolidated their stance as English football's most successful team!

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. In Naija, we simply say, 'we too much'.

8. Before I forget, Mourinho's first son, the Headbanger 1 of Old Trafford community, 'Oga Fela' broke the record for most headers won in a Europa league game, with his 15 aerial duels won at Stockholm. A great performance to remember for the United Afro player of the year award winner, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Christmas must have come early at Old Trafford, with United gifting players with records all over the place. Well, Old Trafford is not called The Theatre of Dreams for nothing.


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