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Manchester United 1-1 Bournemouth FC : WHAT I LEARNT.

Photo credit : MUFC.
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1. SQUANDERED CHANCES. What shall it profit a team if she has all the chances, and refuses to put the ball behind the net? Why do we always throw way every chance to climb up the EPL table? United started
off the game excellently well, making fans believe it was going to be a goal jamboree.....The rest is history.

2. ZLATAN-MINGS MORTAL COMBAT. Bournemouth clearly came with a game plan for United's hitman: Unsettle & provoke him. Unfortunately, it worked. Zlatan was put in the Karate mood and was distracted from playing football. He would certainly get some bashing for his "do me,I do you" elbow....It was a wrong decision for him to take the penalty in such mood.

3. RETURNEES. The team's balance was affected by the many returnees:Rooney, Jones, and Shaw. Rooney was largely anonymous, and  Jones looked quite rusty. Shaw however gave a good account of himself....The team however needed some rotation; No tactical error.

4. MIKHITARYAN. In the last two games without the talisman, United have struggled to impress in the final 3rd play. Creativity mixed with forward drive which he offers were again missing today.....Martial impressed but only in the early minutes.

5. ZLATAN-POGBA COLLABO. The duo had a poor outing today, squandering United's best chances of the day. Today's 'album' was certainly not a hit. Honestly, Mou should have taken off Zlatan after the 1st half, considering the combat mood of the game.

......A question needs to be asked: WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE ' SAVED ' FROM THIS 6TH POSITION 'BRUHAHA'? Kudos to Bournemouth who held United even with 10 men. Up next, ROSTOV FC(Europa).

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