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The long awaited match up of the Pogba brothers has now come and gone, with our very own Paul 'Ikenna' Pogba's team coming out on top with a convincing 3-0 win.

Photo credit - Getty Images

However, it is time to visit a pending issue that is becoming too much to ignore; Pogba and hitting the bar.

The French midfielder has hit the woodwork a massive 8 times thus far this season.

Statistics show that no player in the English Premier League this season has hit the woodwork more times than he has. He has also hit the woodwork more times than any other midfielder in Europe this season.

Officially, as quoted from his interview yesterday, he has hit the woodwork more times for Manchester United in 6 months than he did in 4 years at Juventus.

Could it be a sign that his true calling is to work in a BAR? After all, those dab steps and hairstyles sometimes pass him to appear like a live band entertainer.

Could it be that his real name is Paul PogBAR?

Could it be bad 'bele' people who are beefing the £89million price tag?

'Abi na village people'?

Whatever it is, we pray the bar conundrum ends soon.


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