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Of all the days Pogba's 'village people' decided to send powder for him to rub on his head in the name of hairstyle, they had to choose the matchday of the biggest rivalry in England - Manchester United vs Liverpool.

In all honesty, Paul 'Ikenna' Pogba had a stinker of a game where nothing seemed to work out. From failing woefully to make any impact going forward, to missing a glorious one-on-one chance early in the game, to being clueless on how to mark Lovren, leading to conceding the all important penalty that cost United two vital points.

Trust our 'bad bele' rival fans - news and shouts of how much of a waste of money he is immediately flooded the Internet, most of them talking as if they received debit alerts when United paid for him.

Truth be told, he does need to stand up and be counted in subsequent matches like these, replicate similar performances to those in the last two months which saw him get a preliminary nomination for EPL December player of the month. Until then, we 'dey kampke' for our French dazzler, Paul 'Ikenna' Pogba.


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